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Teazen Kombucha Pineapple 5g

TEAZEN NEW Kombucha Pineapple 5g * 10 sticks- Delicious pineapple taste detox tea from BTS Jungkook pick's kombucha brand TEAZEN. - This pineapple tea is a great diet supporter with a concentrated detox effect.- Suited for weight management since it only has 15 calories in one serving.- Tea biotic powder stick type containing

Teazen Kombucha Lemon 5g

Teazen Kombucha Prebiotics Citron Flavour is a deliciously healthy tea drink that is quick and easy to prepare and has

Teazen Kombucha 10 sticks

BTS Jungkook’s pick! TEAZEN lemon flavored kombucha. Lemon tea contains prebiotics! A fermented drink that contains lactobacillus to improve gut