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Best Valentine’s Day Skincare Gifts To Get In 2022

valentine day gift ideas

Valentine’s day is in a few days and the air is thick with love. Like it or not, it’s easy to get swept up in all the romance going on around you. No matter who you are celebrating the very special day with – your partner, friends, or even yourself, skincare gifts can make the already beautiful holiday even more special.

Rose Petal Satin Foot Mask

If you are tired of generic chocolates and flowers, you should definitely look into gifts that allow you to pamper yourself. Here are 12 skincare gifts that are perfect for a day as wonderful as Valentine’s day.

Swap your bouquet of roses for this nourishing foot mask. Formulated with Rose Extract and Hyaluronic Acids, your feet will thank you for this treatment. This Rose Petal Satin Foot Mask from Koelf, helps to replenish dry feet with moisture while minimizing wrinkles and brightening your feet.

Shop this perfect selfcare treat for Valentine’s day here today!

Etude Damask Rose Sheet Mask

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and this is the mask for you! The Damask Rose mask from Etude house is an incredibly thin, hypoallergenic sheet mask that is light and comfortable. True to its name, the mask sits on your skin like air, clinging to your face easily and allowing the mask to fully infuse its nutrient-rich essence into your skin.

Enriched with plant extracts and niacinamide, the Rose Sheet Mask will care for your skin, improving the moisture and leaving you with brighter skin.

Etude House Cherry Jelly Lip Patch

Want sweet lips for Valentine? Check out the Etude House Cherry Jelly Lip Patch for extra moisture.

This gel-type mask sticks to your lips perfectly and provides an instantly refreshing, cooling effect to moisturize and nourish your lips. The Etude House Cherry Jelly Lip Patch is a vitalizing lip treatment with triple care from hyaluronic acid, cherry, and collagen that helps to hydrate and soothe your lips.

Aromatica Reviving Rose Infusion Cream Cleanser

Everyone needs a cleanser that actually works. This Valentine, shop the Reviving Rose Infusion Cream Cleanser from Aromatica for healthier skin. Filled with the nutrients of rose serum and the powerful moisturizing essence of organic rose damask, this cleanser leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturized even after cleansing.

Savor the silky feel of this amazing cream cleanser with dense bubbles that give you a deep cleanse without stripping your skin.  

The Saem Silk Hair Repair Treatment Lotion

Love yourself from your head to your toes this Valentine. The Saem Silk Hair Repair Treatment Lotion is just the fix you need for soft and silky hair. This no-wash treatment lotion contains silk amino acid, hydrolyzed rice protein, and plant oils to help nourish and protect your hair from further damage.

Shop this wonder hair repair treatment here for smooth, luscious hair.

Dress & Living Clear Perfume

Nothing says love better than the soft and gentle mist of the Dress & Living Clear perfume. Sweep your special someone off their feet with this exquisite, long-lasting lovely rose fragrance.

With a subtle base of honey, sandal, cinnamon, and musk, this perfume is sure to make the perfect Valentine’s day present.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Ex

L is for love and Laneige! Show your lips some special care this season with the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. Enriched with the Vitamin C Berry Mix Complex containing strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, and blueberry extracts, this mask erases flaky dead skin on the lips while you catch your beauty sleep at night. The hyaluronic acid mineral network helps to form a moisturizing film to help keep active ingredients locked in while helping your lips absorb and retain moisture through the night.

Wake up to supple, smooth lips the next morning with the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask.

A’pieu Raspberry Vinegar Hair Treatment

Pamper your special person with this vitamin-B-rich raspberry hair treatment. This hair treatment promises healthy hair and scalp, nourishing natural, permed, and even dyed hair. Formulated with vinegar, it helps to thoroughly remove dead skin cells and excess sebum, boosting scalp health.

The Raspberry Vinegar Hair Treatment encourages hair growth and what is better than luscious hair?

Sioris A calming day Ampoule

Silky and lightweight, the Calming Day Ampoule by Sioris gives you soothing skin relief while leaving you feeling hydrated and refreshed. This quick-absorbing, low pH formula is created for sensitive skin types, improving the moisture levels of your skin and providing deep hydration.

Show your skin some good loving this season with this unique combination of essential ingredients formulated to calm irritated skin. The Calming Day Ampoule effectively manages sebum production, leaving you with skin that looks and feels amazing.

Sioris Falling Into The Rose Mist

A perfect, dreamy Valentine’s day gift, the Sioris Falling Into The Rose Mist is a balancing and hydrating combination of rosewater, green tea, and nourishing oils. This mist is great for applying throughout the day over makeup, or layering in your skincare. With its all-natural fresh rose scent, it is sure to leave you feeling loved.

Grab this amazing rose mist here today!

Neogen Dermalogy Hyal Glow Rose Essence

What’s better than a single rose stem to say “I love you?” The Neogen Dermalogy Hyal Glow Rose Essence. With three different kinds of damask rose ingredients, the essence helps your skin appear fresh and moist while soothing it.

Damask rose is famous for its hydration qualities, helping to balance the skin and keep it looking and feeling hydrated. 

Mamonde Rose Water Multi Soothing Gel

Last, but definitely not least on our least, the Mamonde Rose Water Multi Soothing Gel. Formulated with Damask Roses grown in the morning dew, this gel helps deliver moisturizing and soothing effects to the skin.

This amazing gel is designed to soothe and cool fatigued and dehydrated hair, face, and body while leaving you smelling of roses.

Valentine’s Day Skincare Gift Specials

These are some of the best Valentine’s Day skincare and haircare gifts for your loved ones or even yourself! Plus, if you purchase them at Hdskin you also get a FREE Neogen Real Vita C Serum!*
* FREE gift with purchase for orders valued over 33,000

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