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Hdskin Gift Guide For Mother’s Day 2022

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Hdskin Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Nothing compares to the love of a mother! The care and affection shown by moms all over the world is like none other. It’s Mother’s Day in a few days, and nothing is better than a thoughtful gift to say thank you to the most amazing woman in the entire world!

Choosing the right gift for Mother’s Day, or any day at all can be daunting. I’ll tell you a little secret though, the best gifts are gifts that let you pamper yourself, like skincare!

If you love your mom like we do, check out these 10 amazing Korean skincare items on sale to say I love you for Mother’s Day! Shop these amazing products for less with the sales code “OMMA,” which is Korean for mother.


The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Special Gift Kit 5pcs

Mother’s Day greeting card? That’s so last year! Shop this amazing 5-piece from The History of Whoo to show your mom how much she means to you. Contains essential moisturising balancer, nourishing emulsion, intensive nutritive essence, cream and eye cream. Shop this here.

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VT Cosmetics Super Hyalon Skin Care Set

Your mom will love this set! The Super Hyalon skin care set is a simple, yet effective two-step skincare set formulated to tackle dryness. Packed with 8 kinds of hyaluronic acids, this set moisturises the skin deeply while sitting lightly on your skin. Shop this here.

Missha Time Revolution Best Seller 4 pcs

Stop the clock with this anti-aging power set from Missha! Comes in full sized and travel bottles, so you can keep up with your routine even when you’re on the move! This best selling duo contains the First Treatment Essence formulated to hydrate and purify the skin while soothing the skin, while the Activator Ampoule helps to moisturise, firm, revitalise and nourish skin. Shop this here.

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Round Lab Soybean Nourishing Toner

Forget flowers, check out this nourishing toner from Round Lab! This Soybean Nourishing Toner is great for nourishing skin thanks to its Ceramide content. It helps improve wrinkles and hydrate the skin while maintaining the moisture barrier. Shop this here.

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Celimax The Real Noni Moisture Balancing Toner

Enriched with 80% Noni extract, this moisture balancing toner from Celimax delivers over 200 kinds of beneficial nutrients to skin. A perfect gift for a special woman,this toner helps balance the pH of the skin with its mildly acidic formula making it suitable for sensitive skin. Shop this here.

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Heimish All Clean Balm

The Heimish All Clean Balm is just what you need to wow the most amazing woman in the world! This wonder product goes on as a solid balm, transforms into a silky oil cleanser on the skin then becomes milky while rinsing. Its soft and lightweight texture effortlessly removes makeup and residue without stripping of skin’s natural oils. Shop this here.

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Missha Misa Yehyeon Cleanliness Cleansing Foam

Want something different? This cleansing foam from Missha is just right! Its ample and tight bubbles eliminate skin wastes and external hazards, leaving you with clean skin. It also contains lotus flower ingredients to cleanse your skin while leaving it feeling moisturised and loved. Shop this here.

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Sioris My First Essener

Shopping for a skincare newbie? Check out the Sioris My First Essener, an innovative combination of toner and essence to prep and moisturise skin simultaneously after cleansing. It contains fourteen carefully selected ingredients that help calm and nourish skin in one step, so you can simplify your skincare routine. Shop this here.

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Pyunkang Yul ATO Mild Sun Cream

A gentle, yet powerful broad spectrum sunscreen, the Mild Sun Cream from Pyunkang features a combination of mineral and chemical UV filters. It uses calming honeysuckle extract, green tea extract and soothing mugwort extract to fortify the skin’s barrier, preventing moisture loss and keeping skin supple, while providing sun protection. Shop this here.

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Blithe Pressed Serum Crystal Iceplant

This product will wow your mind! The Blithe Pressed Serum contains Iceplant extract combined with botanical extracts to provide skin with featherweight, lasting moisture while protecting against harsh climates. It is formulated into a cooling gel cream designed to nourish and hydrate the skin without heaviness.Shop this here.

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Don’t forget to use the “OMMA” code at checkout!

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